If World War III Happens, These Countries Will Be Safest Spots To Be

Oliver Brown


World tension is somewhat high these days, with two of the world's least trustworthy presidents facing off over a Middle Eastern country gripped by civil war. And once tempers flare up, who is to say that weapons won't get fired? You can't really expect for cooler heads to prevail this time, seeing how there's nothing cool about anyone involved in all this.

However, some parts of this planet are less likely to get nuked than others. So while your present home is most assuredly doomed to nuclear annihilation, you still have time to become pre-war refugee. Here are ten safest countries when it comes to not getting nuked/driven over by a fleet of tanks.

10. Ireland

Ireland has been neutral in military matters since like the 1930s and isn't a member of NATO, so it's unlikely to get glassed.


9. Switzerland

Switzerland has been militarily neutral since the Treaty of Paris in 1815. They haven't been in war ever since, and their mountains are well fortified.


8. Slovenia

Slovenia is developing thermal, solar and hydroelectric power at the moment, which means that it's less reliant on foreign energy imports. Which is great, since those are likely to turn radioactive in case of a war. Hopefully, its history of staying out of WW1 and WW2 will carry it through WW3, too.


7. Fiji

Fiji, being an island in the South Pacific, is far away from the warring powers and pretty much neutral.


6. Denmark

Denmark might belong to NATO, but it has this remote place called Greenland. It's remote and insignificant, so it's unlikely to get nuked, unless missiles miss the US and Canada.


5. Austria

Austria is 4th out of 163 countries on the Global Peace Index 2017, so that's nice. It's considered a European country, yet the leaders love to cozy up to Russia, so it might not get blasted off the face of the Earth.


4. Portugal

Portugal is very stable and mostly immune to far right populism. There's hoping nobody opens canned sunshine on it!


3. New Zealand

New Zealand gets high marks for self-sustainability. It has a lot of hydroelectric power and the land is fertile! It's also darn remote.


2. Canada

Canada is the 8th most peaceful country in the world, and it's military procurement fumbles basically makes it a non-threat to anyone.


1. Iceland

It's the most peaceful country in the world, with no military bases or whatever, so it's unlikely to get bombed.



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